Experiment 2: Typography driven programming.

Styling code using just fontfaces, sizes, and weights. No color or padding changes. Semantically and syntatically this is plain JavaScript. The only thing I've changed is font choices.

//comment one
//comment two
// foo prints the first argument passed to it

function foo(x) {
     // printing happens here
    console.log("The awesome value of x is ", x);

    .filter(function(v){ return v != null})
    .map(function(a) { return 2 * a})

var x = 56;
var y = 29;
var z = (x*y)^2 //complex calculations here

Everything is in either Source Serif Pro, Source Sans Pro, or Source Code Pro.
Comments are in Serif, 80% size.
Code by default is in Code, super light
String and numeric literals (including null) are Serif, bold (700)
Symbols and variables are font weight 700 and 400 respectively.
Keywords are uppercase 80% size. To further distinguish namespace symbols from active symbols, they are in italics.